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Tom Shieh About If there is one word that best describes Tom Shieh then it would be creative. Shieh has been utilizing his creative prowess in coming up with the best ideas for his business ventures, speaking engagements and in authoring books. All of his works are based on his professional background and experience. With his unparalleled talent in creating ideas and implementing these in the real world, Shieh has been able to author and establish more than 100 websites that generates revenues.

Shieh has been making rounds in giving Inspirational Talks through personal appearances all over the country as well as through his best-selling books. He has appeared in all the biggest television networks like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC and on a number of Internet websites in sharing his valuable thoughts regarding different fields. His talks and books center mostly on his professional background and the new ideas he wants to share with his followers. A Taiwanese immigrant, his vast wealth of knowledge stems from having worked in 13 different fields aside from the websites that he owns and runs. His notable experiences include working in top companies like IBM and Northrop Grumman both in technical and management capacities.

Tom Shieh is certainly one individual to pay attention to in the coming years.